The 21 City Bag

$ 44.99 USD $ 77 USD

Definitely the new entry among the best classic bags For 2021 and We’re obsessed with it !

Meet your new going-out bag. It’s gives any outfit grit and personality. For this reason, it is perfect for any woman over 20 and a match made in heaven with any outfit

️ Wear this bag for guaranteed compliments every day.

️ compliments any outfit for a day to night look. 


It will carry all your essentials with the toss-it-in ease of a tote but in a more tidy, chic design .

✔️looks amazing with every possible style.

✔️ A 2021 Fashion trend you don’t wanna miss

✔️ Excellent quality 

✔️ Two colors and designs can be chosen , So which can be easily matched with various style dress and shoes  


  • This is one of the bags that most often arouses interest (and requests about where to buy one!) when you go around.
  • it has the power to elevate even the most casual of your outfits.

It is about to become your BFF on every Saturday night